Javascript ES6 features

In order to learn some of the new features of ES6, I’ve created a git repo which a load of mocha test suites. The good thing about it is that you get a meaningful description of the feature as well as a little example of the code. The code isn’t transpiled so don’t try running it in netscape navigator or anything 😉

Here’s the link – ES6 Features

Any feedback welcome.

Salesforce Reporting API and NVD3

I’ve read a few posts about how to query Salesforce’s reporting API in order to generate charts. However, none of those explained how to set custom filters or groupings on that data. One of our clients required a chart making but not using the default groupings/filters that existed in the actual report. Here’s how it was done… Continue reading “Salesforce Reporting API and NVD3” »

AngularJS load bar for VisualForce remoting

While there are modules out there to automatically add loading bars using angular http interceptors, when using VisualForce remoting, the actual retrieval of data is deferred to visual force, effectively hiding the request. So, how do you show a loading bar when using this technology? Or how do you deal with multiple directives that all call remoting methods at the same time and are asynchronous? Here’s one way… Continue reading “AngularJS load bar for VisualForce remoting” »

Effectively working with AngularJS in and out of Salesforce

So we were creating an AngularJS app as the front-end for a Salesforce community. We used VisualForce remoting to get the data while in Salesforce. But we didn’t want to muck around having to constantly deploy assets into Salesforce during development. So, we came up with a pretty effective way of allowing front-end designers/dev’s to work outside of salesforce without having to modify the app when it was plugged into salesforce. Here’s how… Continue reading “Effectively working with AngularJS in and out of Salesforce” »

How to make flexible video carousels in Hubspot

Hubspot is a great platform to develop SEO-optimised websites and blogs. One of our clients (skeleton productions) needed a way to showcase their portfolio of corporate videos. Here’s how I implemented owl carousel to allow them to create and manage their own content without being hindered by the platform.

Continue reading “How to make flexible video carousels in Hubspot” »

Globalizing orchard layout elements and then testing them

So, I created a hubspot blog post layout element in orchard for a recent project (which I intend to write a post about later). I was then asked to make it personalised by country, so users would see different blog posts based on which country they were in. This is how I did it…

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