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Another perspective of some css-in-js solutions

This post is about my experiences working with a couple of different css-in-js solutions. I’ve been working for the past year or so on a project that opted for css modules. Its pretty good but a few little niggles have come up on a number of occasions that made me want to start looking at alternatives. So, I tried out emotion, and had a little poke around at glamorous and styled-components and how they work with styled-system. Here’s what I found… Continue reading “Another perspective of some css-in-js solutions” »

Multi-tab slider in Umbraco with Zurb Foundation

This post is about the development of a sliding component built using Umbraco and the Foundation framework with sprinklings of javascript and css transitions. It was built for the re-development of The idea is that the component should show 3 panels by default with some key content showing in all. Then, to reveal additional content, each tab can be expanded, which in turns collapses the other tabs. Continue reading “Multi-tab slider in Umbraco with Zurb Foundation” »

Using SASS for mobile first design AND having old IE behave properly

This post is about how SASS @content blocks can be used to do mobile first responsive design and having IE < 8 fallback to a default desktop site without doing loads of copying and pasting. Its based on jake archibalds excellent idea for doing this.

Continue reading “Using SASS for mobile first design AND having old IE behave properly” »