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How to make flexible video carousels in Hubspot

Hubspot is a great platform to develop SEO-optimised websites and blogs. One of our clients (skeleton productions) needed a way to showcase their portfolio of corporate videos. Here’s how I implemented owl carousel to allow them to create and manage their own content without being hindered by the platform.

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Globalizing orchard layout elements and then testing them

So, I created a hubspot blog post layout element in orchard for a recent project (which I intend to write a post about later). I was then asked to make it personalised by country, so users would see different blog posts based on which country they were in. This is how I did it…

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Front-end development with Hubspot Part 1

Recently, we’ve startedĀ using Hubspot, which is a service that helps companies with their inbound marketing. It provides a content management system (which they call a ‘content optimization system’ :p) that can be hooked in to fairly easily. For me, its syntax is very similar to twig, a popular php templating language. It provides control structures, filters, functions etc. There’s some nice bits and some truly flakey bits – here’s what I’ve learnt so far…

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