siWeb developer/designer, artist, husband, father.

I’m a senior software engineer at Capital One. My role is fiddling around with websites all day long.

I tend to use a load of JavaScript. In particular Node, Angular, React and all the myriad of shenanigans that comes with that. I used to do a lot of asp.net c#, various flavours of MVC (asp.net mvc, Symfony), HTML5/ CSS3, LESS/SASS, Javascript and jQuery.
I’m an Amazon Certified Developer, Umbraco level 1 and 2 certified developer, and I generally design my sites using a pencil and paper first and then Photoshop and Adobe Reflow.

Specialist areas

  • HTML5, CSS3 (inc. responsive design), SASS, LESS (10 years commercial experience)
  • ASP.NET (4+), C#, MVC (4 years commercial experience)
  • Symfony 2 PHP development (2 years experience)
  • Flash and actionscript 3.0 (10 years commercial experience)
  • Umbraco Certified Developer Level 1,2

Good knowledge

  • UML using Enterprise Architect
  • CMS systems – Umbraco, EasySite
  • Design patterns
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • AngularJS

Working knowledge

C++, Visual Basic, PHP, MySQL, Microsoft Sharepoint 2010

Expert knowledge of the following software

Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, 3d Studio Max, Visual Studio 2012/13. I am also a skilled freehand artist and can work equally well on both PC and Macintosh.

umbraco certified developer

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  1. Simon,

    I read with great interest a couple of your blog posts on using Foundation mobile first, but with support for legacy ie desktop first. I’m in exactly the same boat, as I was hired into the redesign of 4 government sites that have WinXP/IE6 as a huge proportion of the audience (education).

    I’m down to deciding between the methods you’ve used (http://justthisguy.co.uk/foundation-grunt-ie/ and http://justthisguy.co.uk/responsive-sass-and-ie/, versus using http://www.cascade-framework.com/ or http://jslegers.github.io/cascadeframeworkadvanced/ while waiting for his v.2 of cascade framework. Since this framework is desktop first, but supports back to IE6+, the only addition I can think of is to use Picturefill 2.0 as a polyfill to increase mobile download speed and mitigate the desktop-first design of this framework. It was designed that way, specifically so that it could support ie6+. That said, I favor Zurb Foundation for its greater community and testing, though admittedly I like what slegers has done and respect him as a developer.

    So the reason for contacting you is to get some assurances (or not) about using Foundation as you have for mobile first, but with support back to ie6. Have the hoops you need to jump through been worth it? Do you have any updates or caveats since your last February blog post on the topic was written?

    Thanks for your time and your writing.

    Mark Hair
    Web Developer
    650 W. State St., Suite 307 | Boise, ID 83702-0037
    208.332.1578 (Direct) | 208.334.2270 (Main) | 208.334.2632 (Fax)

    1. hi, thanks for your comments. The only issues I’ve found is that foundation is not designed to be compatible with ie6 (or 7 for that matter) without some serious hacking around. For sites I’ve done I’ve had to accept that the web site content will be visible in ie7 but look awful. Fortunately I don’t have to devote the time it would take to getting the site working in these browsers.

  2. I need to create controls dynamically in products, based on the values of the specifications of category. specifications will be different for each category.

    For example, if Category 1’s specifications are sp1, sp2 and Category 2’s specifications are sp1, sp3, sp4; While creating a product under category 1, I need 2 fields sp1 and sp2 along with textboxes to enter values.
    My main requirement is to list the parent category specification values in the child products(backoffice content section).
    Please help me.

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