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Ajax contour forms and zurb abide

This post is about implementing the contour forms package for Umbraco and still trying to follow best practices with regard to loading javascripts just before the closing body tag. I also implemented an ajax form submission method which grabs the resulting success message. It also uses zurb’s abide javascript validation library.

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Auto-output doctype template for Umbraco

This post is a continuation of this one. It discusses how to output a generic content page that loops through all properties of that page and outputs them automatically. So, for document types that are quite similar, only 1 template is required instead of 1 for each. Also, I’ve been looking at the zurb foundation reveal component, specifically using ajax to load content into it.

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Multi-tab slider in Umbraco with Zurb Foundation

This post is about the development of a sliding component built using Umbraco and the Foundation framework with sprinklings of javascript and css transitions. It was built for the re-development of leicester.gov.uk. The idea is that the component should show 3 panels by default with some key content showing in all. Then, to reveal additional content, each tab can be expanded, which in turns collapses the other tabs. Continue reading “Multi-tab slider in Umbraco with Zurb Foundation” »