What can I do?

If you are having difficulty using 5Haitis, please try out some of the things listed below to enhance your experience.

  • Click and drag a character window around to explore the scene
  • Click a character window then look for highlighted areas in the scene. These can be clicked to reveal content
  • Click and drag one character window on top of another. This causes the two characters to interact with each other

The Concept

5Haitis is meant to be explored. You can’t find everything out through just one visit, so press the ‘view again’ button to start again. You must decide how to interact with it. Will you…

  • Follow just one character
  • Switch between characters as the narrative progresses
  • Concentrate on the characters’ histories
  • Follow the characters conversations with each other
  • Learn about the scene through the clickable regions. Each character can talk about different areas of the scene.

Each time you interact with 5Haitis you learn something new about the characters lives, experiences, memories and relationships.